Welcome to The Uncluttered CEO!

I’d bet that right now you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.  Time slips by so fast and you’re not really where you thought, or want, to be. 

Let’s unclutter your time, your structure, and your mind to turn your business back into the exhilarating, freedom-giving place you always imagined.

Ready be the visionary in your business?

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Taking back CEO – one day at a time

Over the course of 7 days, we’re going to work through my C.E.O. framework to not only put you back in control of your business, but to invite in a work style of more ease, flow, and simplicity to live a life without overwhelm.
Your Team
How do you even know if you’re ready for a team? What are the steps you must take to hire the right people? I’ve helped many entrepreneurs grow their team and I’m giving you my best advice in this course.
Your Goals
It’s one thing to make a goal, it’s another thing entirely to make a plan to execute that goal and bring it to life. In this mini course, we’re talking about the fundamental steps you MUST take to make things happen.
Your Time
Having excellent control of your time is something that emerging and established business owners alike struggle with, but I’m going to show you my favourite techniques for managing your time like a true CEO.

Meet Katie

Katie Macdonald is an experienced online business and operations strategist with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential, reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

She makes things happen!

Based in the UK, Katie has successfully run her own company since 2010. She has learned (sometimes the hard way!) exactly what a business needs to be profitable, to grow, and to be scalable.

When Katie’s not working, you can find her chilling in her self-built (yes, really!) home with her husband, planning their next trip abroad over pizza and wine!

Ready for ease and flow in your business?

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