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I’m Katie, an Integrator with a passion for helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build thriving, scalable businesses.

But what does that really mean? It means working with them to design a business they love, makes them money, and, most importantly, gives them the freedom to live life on their terms.

I’m an integrator, planner and a motivator. I tame stress, mess and disorganisation, and turn overwhelm into blissful headspace.

It’s time to fall back in Love with your business!

You’re trying your best, but somehow it’s just not working.

You’re not seeing the results you expected.

Your hours are getting longer, and yet your bank balance isn’t getting any bigger.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Getting back on track is easier than you think.

You have a thriving business and big goals – achieving them doesn’t have to be difficult.

All you need is a helping hand to guide you through this tricky growth phase.

Someone with the knowledge and experience to get straight to the heart of the matter. Someone with the ability to design and implement the strategies to solve your problems.

You don’t have to go it alone…

Ready be the visionary in your business?

Over the course of 7 days, we’re going to work through my C.E.O. framework to not only put you back in control of your business, but to invite in a work style of more ease, flow, and simplicity to live a life without overwhelm.

Your business your way!

It seems like every day there’s a new guru out there giving you “advice” about how best to run your business.

“Try this system, and you’ll only work 4 hours a week!” “This is the only marketing hack you’ll ever need!” “This is the sure-fire way to reach six-figures!”

You buy the book/course/event ticket in a rush of excitement. Maybe this is the solution you’ve been looking for! But time after time you’re disappointed when you discover that this “business leader” is telling you what you should be doing – but not how to do it, or how it applies to your business.

In the end, the only things that these shiny objects deliver are frustration, confusion and overwhelm.

When it comes to business, there are very few “quick wins” or shortcuts. The fastest way to grow a profitable business is to put in place the systems that are right for you and your company. Processes which give you the headspace to do your best work for your clients, the time to plan for the future and the flexibility to live a life you love.

I want to help you to do things your way.

Since 2010 I’ve worked with business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, and I’ve discovered that for success, the how, the why and the what all need to come together.

My clients come to me because they want a confident, proactive approach to online business strategy and management and efficient & effective practices that get things done. They want support in turning ideas into actions and the accountability to keep projects on track. My clients have big plans, and they want someone to work alongside them to help them achieve them. That’s what they get.

I bring a wealth of experience in online strategy, management and business processes to ensure that my clients have a solid foundation for their business to operate now, but also to make their visions reality.

I know what it’s like to run and grow a business. Juggling priorities, nurturing a team, setting and striving for goals. It’s not easy. That’s why my solutions cover both the mechanics of running a business and the mindset you need cultivate for success, whatever that looks like for you.

I’ll be there for you when you reach a milestone, when you win a contract – and when you lose one. I’ll be a sounding board when you need to talk things through or need to make a tough decision. I’ve been there.

I want to help you to fulfil your potential and build your remarkable business by allowing you to focus on being the creator and visionary.

Nobody starts a business to struggle. My clients get results – and that means freedom, financial abundance and a re-energised optimistic outlook for the future.

I don’t just want you to fall back in love with your business – I want to help you to make it more successful than ever before.

Katie Macdonald Bio

Katie is an experienced online business and operations strategist and Integrator with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential, reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

She makes things happen!

Based in the UK, Katie has successfully run her own company since 2010. She has learned (sometimes the hard way!) exactly what a business needs to be profitable, to grow, and to be scalable.

When Katie’s not working, you can find her chilling in her self-built (yes, really!) home with her husband, planning their next trip abroad over pizza and wine!

You’ve come a Long way

Are you going to stop now?

Before you’ve really made a difference?

Without reaching your full potential?

Not having fulfilled your life’s purpose?

No, I didn’t think so.

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